Local Food Market LV is a food hub that markets high quality food bought directly from farms and small businesses available for online ordering and delivery to Lehigh Valley business places, individual residents and apartment building as a conveniently packaged product. 

"We love the local food and services that Steve and Nicole provide to our community. They such wonderful people who are also passionate about their work."

"Produce and prepared food is delicious, freshest, fairly priced, and easy to get! Recipes share ideas, dinners are quick, healthy, convenient!"

"Thanks for the many years of great produce. I like to see specialty products that aren’t readily found in the super market. I think offering great products will offset the inconvenience of going to multiple places."

I have had a great experience over the years and have enjoyed getting to know you and your family. Each year, you've made changes that have resulted in improvement over the previous year. I can't imagine going back to carrots that taste like cardboard and arugula that lasts about 30 seconds!

"Pick Your Own, I believe, is a game-changer and has tremendous potential to expose more people to how fortunate we are to live in such a sustainable food culture here in the Lehigh Valley. The only thing I think would improve Pick Your Own is representation from more farms and producers with a larger variety of products."

"Nicole and Steve Shelly provide high quality, clean, conveniently packaged food for their customers and often go above and beyond to meet a special request. Over the years, they have proactively made changes to their business model to make sure they are providing what their customers need and want. You can tell that their hearts are in the right place when it comes to providing quality local food items and they have the creativity, knowledge, and personal skills to make it happen!"

20 x 2020 


OUR GOAL IS 20 percent by 2020. 

Get 20 percent off your next order when you refer a friend.

At Local Food Market LV we believe that with a little bit of organization, small farms and businesses can work together with Lehigh Valley residents to make up a larger share of the plate 365 days a year. That will improve the health of the residents, make use of the farmland, and allow farmers to do what they love by working on the land, producing food while profiting.

Orders will be filled as soon as possible or you can choose your pick up time and day. We deliver daily to Emmaus, Coopersburg, Center Valley and Allentown including Greenmouth, Strata and 520 lofts. Orders placed on the weekend will be delivered by Monday afternoon. We update the store each week on Tuesday and send out e-news Tuesday evening. You can place online orders at any time.    


We make weekly deliveries to drop off sites on Fridays in Allentown, Emmaus, Center Valley and Bethlehem. 

FRESH FRIDAY Pick up locationsPlease order at least $20 to avoid a delivery fee

Greenmouth downtown Allentown on the Arts Walk 12-4 pm

Local Food Market LV Coopersburg 2-6 pm

Healthy You Cafe Center Valley 4-6 pm. 

Funk Brewing Co. Emmaus 4-6 pm.

Muhlenberg College West side Allentown 1- 6 pm

Lit  Coffee Roastery and Bakeshop Southside Bethlehem 5-7 pm.

Daily Door DeliveriesPlease order at least $20 to avoid a delivery fee

Strata East, West and Symphony downtown Allentown at 12:30 pm 

520 Lofts Hamilton Street downtown Allentown at 12:30 pm 


So far in the Lehigh Valley, real local food directly from farmers can be hard to find or get a hold of.  We will source a complete line up of the best quality, most organic food we can find to purchase online in a single location with the convenience of delivery or centralized pick up location.


Farmers in the Lehigh Valley have few options to sell their products in a way that is easy, convenient or demanded by the customers.  We will provide a central food hub where farmers can drop off products and have them cleaned, packaged and delivered in a desirable package for the customers freeing farmers of their time or inability to do so. 


We will use the most environmentally friendly packaging available or provide options in how you prefer your products packaged.  


We have a certified kitchen at our food hub to make excess produce into convenient ready to eat meals and creative prepared foods. 


Delivery routes that use aggregation points and are optimized using technology will reduce the impact on the environment.  Think about the difference of x amount of people traveling to a market versus that same number of people being on an efficient delivery route.  


There is a perception that buying local food from farmers is more expensive than going to the grocery store, and I just want to clear up that eating healthy, clean food is what is more expensive no matter where you get it.  Plus, some products such as meat are going to be more expensive because the animals are treated so much differently.  No matter what, you get what you pay for.  You can either pay for it in a healthy diet now or pay later in doctor bills, missed work, etc.  Eating the healthiest diet you are able to find is the absolute best way to protect your health in many ways.  At this point in time, Lehigh Valley Farms who are growing organically are minuscule in size compared to what you will find elsewhere.  These products are grown by hand with minimal machinery and a lot of expensive labor.  Unfortunately, the majority of farmers in the United States must work off farm to make a living therefore they are not actually charging what it costs to make their product, just getting market value for it. 

 Steve Shelly       267-671-5340

 Nicole Shelly      267-496-6303



5318 Limeport Pike, Coopersburg PA 18036

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